Episode 1

Duration: 31:02

Episode 2

Duration: 29:00

Episode 3

Duration: 27:56

Episode 4

Duration: 29:26


“The combined authorship of Mills’s work simultaneously speaks to the collaboration born of multidisciplinary work, and an underlying notion that cinematic work is inherently collaborative—a comforting notion given that social isolation and atomization that has come to pervade the contemporary world.”

– Charlene K. Lau for The Brooklyn Rail – “ART SEEN: Dreamlands: Immersive Cinema and Art 1905-2016

“Its idea is so natural that it feels as if the internet coughed up the film all by itself, like a glimmery digital hairball”

-Ben Davis for Artnet News – ‘The Work of Art in the Age of… Something: A new digital initiative shows how fast old assumptions about media are crumbling in art.

“This is much more than a take off of John Berger’s seminal 1972 BBC documentary series Ways of Seeing. Ways Of Something’ is a timely and insane retelling “

– Marina Galperina for Fastcompany – “The Year’s Best Art on the Internet”